Who’s Behind Hatch Oregon?

Hatch Oregon is an initiative of Hatch Innovation (formerly Springboard Innovation), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Hatch Innovation’s mission is to enable citizens to launch enterprises that improve communities–that means social and locally owned companies dedicated to place and what matters.

Because there are multiple sections to the Web site, we have different partners and licenses for each, where necessary. Mission Markets, Inc. provides the software for the Secure Portal on our Site, enabling accredited investors to search for regional-only offerings. We have been working together since 2009 developing our approach to bolstering mission capital deal flow.

We have a Statewide Team and National Advisors, all experts in growing community capital. We also have a team of statewide partners. To be a partner means:

  1. Assist in communication to entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem builders. Strengthen the fabric of support for community capital across the region, building better channels for information and knowledge.
  2. Provide services and expertise to the Network and members. Hatch Oregon is building its network as a way to build formal bridges and collaboration between cites and counties, so having network members we can call on for expertise is key.
  3. Increase deal flow in all areas of community capital growth. This means ensuring that the needed infrastructure is in place, filling gaps with new tools and mechanisms, and pointing to those that serve the purpose. It takes a village to grow a village.
  4. Knowledge building and sharing. We are in need of a track record. We will work together to gather data and stories on the impact community capital flow will have, so we will work as an informal coalition to gather needed data.

Finally, YOU’RE behind Hatch Oregon. It is not something any organization can “do” alone. We are providing tools and knowledge–and the invitation–to you to be a part of the solution. We hope you will join us. Connect with us!