Hatch Oregon Network

Oregon’s new rules have created strong interest from community and city leaders statewide. They ask, “How can my city’s entrepreneurs and citizens benefit? How do I help folks understand how to invest? Are there tools we can use here in town, locally? The answer is yes.

We launched the Hatch Oregon Cities Network to answer those questions and provide the resources to cities in every corner of Oregon. Hatch Oregon helped drive the new law forward, and we are committed to building the ecosystem for it to flourish across the state.

What you can do:

Connect with local leaders and business development organizations.

Make sure that the key players in your area are aware that local investing exists as a tool for business and the community. Engage your “buy local” organizations, Chamber of Commerce, government officials, Business District leaders, your city or regional economic development agencies, and the Small Business Development Center adviser nearest you.

The SBDC Network is a partner in this effort, and can offer assistance and communications support.

Hold an InvestOR Meetup.

Launch, and begin to host monthly InvestOR Meetups. These are being launched all over Oregon, and take advantage of the Meetup.com platform to communicate and engage people in your town. These are usually held monthly, usually have a short agenda, and are generally two hours. We have a toolkit  for you to help ordinary Oregonians learn more about local investing:


Host a launch party.

Host a launch party in your city. These events should coincide with your InvestOR meetup, and give attendees a chance to meet real entrepreneurs offering investments. You can do this as a ‘pub talk’ style event; have a gathering with food and mingling and multiple CPO companies tabling; or you can host a more intimate investor house party, featuring perhaps only one of the CPO companies. Invite us—if we’re available, we’d be happy to make an appearance to present or just be available to answer questions.

Learn and stay in the loop.

We have resources on this website for you to educate yourself, and we regularly send out updates and links to helpful articles via twitter, facebook, and our newsletter.


Hatch Oregon is operated by Hatch Innovation 501(c)(3). Although we do capture some program revenue from our workshops and accelerator, we rely on grants and donations to keep our investment platform running, and to be able to continue doing outreach across the state. We launched our Hatch Oregon 1000 campaign for just this purpose—crowdfunded support for local crowdinvesting.