InvestOR Meetups

A New Network for Investor Education Throughout Oregon

Hatch Oregon launched to strengthen Oregon’s economies. This 2015 Community Capital Initiative includes a major statewide summit, workshops, trainings, speaking, regional tours, and panels.

InvestOR Meetups, are a new way for people to come together to learn about local investing! Launched locally but supported with statewide collaboration and a toolkit, it’s a new piece of investor education infrastructure.

Meetups in Your Area

Click below on the meetup closest to you to join. If there isn’t one, consider launching one yourself in your town – see more information to the right!

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For Local Leaders

Even if you have limited experience with investing, (and who doesn’t?) you can host a Meetup, lead a discussion and help people in your community learn together. We’ll provide guidance on how to set up the Meetup, as well as materials to facilitate discussion and learning. This is a great way to get educated while giving back to your community!

If you are interested in running a Meetup in your area, please get in touch using the form below.

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