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We’ve worked with the state regulators at the Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, lawyers at Catalyst Law, and other experts to create new kinds of investor education focused on Oregon, but useful for other investing too. Materials you can use to review offering documents, consider your goals when thinking about your own investing, or help you find other resources out there on the Web.

One great new resource is the Local Investing Resource Center founded by an investment advisor with Natural Investments, James Frazier, who is also famously one of the founders of the Port Townsend Local Investment Opportunities Network (LION). Check out the site, and you may find this section on how to evaluate local investments useful!

Locavesting is another fantastic resource for anyone interested in local investing of any kind. Founded by New York Times journalist, Amy Cortese, Locavesting offers thought leadership, data, and how-to’s for all things local-investing, including our favorite, intrastate securities crowdfunding.

We want Oregonians to become wise, local investors, so we decided to create a fun video to help you understand the important disclaimers found in ALL CAPS on the offering document covers. It’s a lot of legal speak, but it’s important information, so we invited people in to say it in plain language – for you. After you watch it, if you would like to know more, consider attending an InvestOR Meetup near you!

We just want to be “Frank with you”!