I Want to Raise Capital from My Community

Capital is critical for growing local economies. It’s that simple. And we’ve been hard put to find the right capital when we need it. Either we beg from the family, mortgage the house, or get out the credit card… bad ideas in general, but pretty much what we’ve gotten used to. Enter the law. On January 15, 2015 Oregon made a set of Administrative Rules into law and helped launch local investing for real. Hatch Oregon can now share new tools and channels for entrepreneurs to connect with their neighbors when seeking local investments!

Community Public Offerings | Capital from Local Citizens

The Community Public Offering, which was made legal in January 2015, allows Oregon businesses to raise up to $250,000 from Oregon residents through a streamlined offering and disclosure process. If you are a main-street business or social entrepreneur, consider raising capital from your community. We’re here to show you how.

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Intro to the CPO | Online Course

This online course is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are considering using Oregon’s new Community Public Offering (CPO) to raise capital from their community.

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InvestOR Ready Accelerator

Hatch Oregon’s InvestOR Ready Accelerator prepares Oregon entrepreneurs running companies with fewer than 50 employees to raise startup or growth capital from ordinary Oregonians using the new Community Public Offering (CPO) law we pioneered. We are the state experts in its use, and our accelerator is unique in the country.

This program is for early stage and small businesses who are prepared to raise funds from their community. This is not a business development accelerator. If your business plan still requires development, please visit your local SBDC.

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