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Advertising Rules for Title III Crowdfunding Are More Flexible Than You May Think

Like most legislation, Regulation Crowdfunding, aka Title III of the JOBS Act, was a compromise. The final bill and the subsequent rules written by the Securities & Exchange Commission attempted to balance competing views on the best way to increase access to capital for the nation’s small businesses while protecting investors. One result of that […]

The Crowdfunding Countdown Is On. Entrepreneurs, Are You Ready?

The countdown is on! In just a little over a week, Regulation Crowdfunding, which implements Title III of the JOBS Act and opens up investment crowdfunding to all investors, will go live. In CrowdCheck’s experience, there are going to be a lot of companies not ready for launch on that date. So we’ve put together […]

WeFunder Plans to go Big on May 16 With Title III Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding platform WeFunder began five years ago with a simple premise: everyone, regardless of their net worth, should be able to invest in small businesses that they believe in. The only problem was, securities laws basically prevented all but the wealthiest individuals from investing in private companies. WeFunder’s three founders were among those that lobbied […]

The JOBS Act at Four: A Status Report

It doesn’t get much attention outside of crowdfunding and financial circles. No one mentions it in presidential campaigns, either to take credit or disparage it. But it’s hard to understate the importance of the JOBS Act, the landmark securities legislation signed into law on April 5, 2012 by President Obama with broad bipartisan support. As […]

A Mud-Riding ‘Geeky Girl’ Beats the Crowdfunding Drum in Mississippi

Jennifer Gatewood calls herself ‘Mississippi’s Geeky Girl.’ After a career in information technology, she started Peer Elevate to “bridge a gap and lift people up.” When Mississippi enacted an intrastate crowdfunding exemption in May 2015, she saw an opportunity to create Mississippi’s first crowdfunding portal, Peer Elevate Funding. But first, there was a lot of education […]

Crowdfinance: Experts Predict What’s in Store for 2016

2016 will be the year that the long-awaited Title III “Regulation Crowdfunding” goes into effect.  That, along with Title II (for accredited investors), Regulation A+ (Title IV) and intrastate crowdfunding, will open up new avenues for entrepreneurs, investors and portals alike. But where will it all lead? We asked some experts to weigh in on […]

With First ‘Reg A’ Deals And Final Rules, The JOBS Act Gains Steam

Elusive for so long, the JOBS Act is suddenly coming into fruition. On Friday, automotive upstart Elio Motors received Securities & Exchange Commission qualification for its widely anticipated $25 million Regulation A offering. The deal, which will help the company commercialize its innovative low-cost, three-wheeled cars, is the first official “Tier II” deal using the […]

The New Crowdfunding Rules: What They Mean For Investors

Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss is a principal at Crowdfund Capital Advisors and a leader of the securities-based crowdfunding movement. In the second of a three-part series, he looks at what investors need to know about the newly approved Regulation Crowdfunding rules (aka Title III), which are expected to go into effect next spring.  The new crowdfunding […]

The New Crowdfunding Rules: What They Mean For Entreprenuers

The SEC hath delivered the rules, and they are good! They are also voluminous: the final Regulation Crowdfunding rules adopted by the S.E.C. last week spanned 685 pages. We asked Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss, a principal at Crowdfund Capital Advisors and a leader of the securities-based crowdfunding movement, to help us sort through the rules and […]

It’s Official! SEC Greenlights Main Street Crowdfunding

Let the great experiment in financial democratization begin! The SEC on Friday adopted final rules for Regulation Crowdfunding (aka Title III)—the last and most sweeping piece of the JOBS Act legislation, which was signed into law three-and-a-half years ago. With the move, the SEC opened up investment crowdfunding to the general public for the first […]