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A Native American Brand Turns to Crowdfunding to Fulfill its Mission

When Karlene Hunter and Mark Tilsen started Native American Natural Foods in 2006, they had a vision as vast as the Great Plains themselves: to create a brand that could restore the buffalo to native lands and, in the process, regenerate the community, culture and economy of the Lakota people that live there. The company, […]

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Should States Create Their Own ‘Regulatory Sandboxes’?

Before the JOBS Act became federal law in 2012, Kansas and Georgia already allowed investment crowdfunding within their borders.  Today, more than 30 states have adopted intrastate crowdfunding laws, underscoring their role as experimental laboratories of democracy. One forward-thinking state, Michigan, has passed a complementary local stock market law. Could regulatory sandboxes be next? In […]

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A Social Lender Pursues a Radical Experiment in Financial Transparency and Participation

On a rainy evening in March, sixteen people gathered in a tucked away conference room in Brooklyn. Before the evening was through, they would decide among themselves a key rate of interest that would affect borrowers and investors across the country. But this was no illicit cartel. There wasn’t a cigar-chomping banker in sight. The […]

Two Millennials Hit the Road to Explore the Meaning of Meaningful Work

Like many Millennials, Megan Hafner and Betsy Ramaccia want their work to have meaning and impact. But what exactly does that mean? Few of their peers, they saw, had any real sense of what such work would look like. They conceived of  Why We Work Here, a road-trip-cum-research-project, to explore the question: “What does it […]

Are Social Entrepreneurs Living in a Bubble? Ask Walmart.

Social entrepreneurs: You have your work cut out for you. And too many of you may be living in a social enterprise bubble. Those are some of the implications of a new study looking at consumers and socially responsible spending. For one thing, according to the study, shoppers may have good intentions–they want to buy […]

Changemaker Interview: Drew Little of Producia Wants to Democratize Innovation

Drew Little is co-founder of a startup called Producia and the creator of an evolutionary economic model called Producism. He is on a mission to help democratize innovation by offering technology that provides access to the necessary tools, resources, and communities of support for creators to manifest their ideas together. He started his entrepreneurial journey […]