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How Kiva U.S. Ditched Mass Marketing and Got Back to its Roots

For marketers, Google Adwords, Facebook ads and other mass outreach methods are de rigueur. But what about businesses that are deeply rooted in community? Shouldn’t your marketing strategy reflect your company’s values and ethos? Jonny Price, senior director of Kiva U.S., a pioneering social enterprise that crowdfunds interest-free loans for small businesses, wondered the same […]

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Collaborative Lender Able Joins the Online Lending Fray

When Jae Kim started his food truck, Chi’Lantro, five years ago in Austin, he wasn’t sure how people would take to his Korean-inspired BBQ. But Austinites gobbled up the bulgogi burgers, tacos and kimchi fries. So much so that the Korean-born entrepreneur (pictured above) decided it was time to open up a non-roving restaurant. Rather […]

On Puddle, Social Networks and Trust Can Unlock Loans

When Rose Ann Haft wanted to create an online diabetes prevention program a year ago, she didn’t need much. Still, without access to a line of credit or a bank loan, she struggled to come up with even the modest amount of cash it required. Then she heard about Puddle, a social lending site that […]