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Mission or Scale? With the Right Investment Strategy, You Can Have Both

For mission-driven businesses, growth is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because growth can magnify both the social and financial return. But it’s a curse because growth usually creates a need for more capital, and bringing in new capital, if not done right, can put the mission at risk. Investors willing to […]

A New Form of Fiscal Sponsorship May Help Social Enterprises Raise Funds

Social enterprises are trying out all sorts of approaches to funding and structuring their ventures. But as for-profits, they are often cut off from grant opportunities (although that is changing). A new form of fiscal sponsorship promises to help fill the gap. A fiscal sponsor is a nonprofit organization that leverages its legal and tax-exempt […]

Two Millennials Hit the Road to Explore the Meaning of Meaningful Work

Like many Millennials, Megan Hafner and Betsy Ramaccia want their work to have meaning and impact. But what exactly does that mean? Few of their peers, they saw, had any real sense of what such work would look like. They conceived of  Why We Work Here, a road-trip-cum-research-project, to explore the question: “What does it […]