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NYC Will Invest in Local Women Entrepreneurs on Kiva

Women entrepreneurs of New York: your city wants to invest in you. Under a new program, called WE Fund: Crowd, when women entrepreneurs create a crowdfunding campaign on, the city will kick in the first 10% of their goal, up to $1,000. New York City officials hope to support at least 500 women-owned businesses […]

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Revitalizing Local Communities With Popup Shops

Local retail is a crucial to a community’s economic health and vitality. Local stores invest 68 cents for every dollar they receive back into their neighborhood. They also increase the perception that a block is less vulnerable to crime and, as result, boost safety, says Sarah Filley, the founder of Popuphood, a startup that incubates small […]

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For Social Entrepreneurs, It’s All About The Ecosystem

No one operates in a vacuum. That’s especially true of social entrepreneurs. The ecosystem that social entrepreneurs encounter—everything from the availability of affordable housing to the prevalence of potential funders—can make or break an enterprise. With that in mind, Halcyon Incubator and Capital One recently published a report on the subject, From the Ground Up: Defining Social Enterprise Ecosystems […]

Reimagining B-School: At, Love & Community Top the Syllabus

Since its founding in 2005, Etsy has helped lead a revival in crafts and DIY culture, providing an alternative to soulless, mass manufactured goods. When the company, a B Corp., went public in 2015, it used some of the proceeds to endow a separate foundation,, to further its mission of “re-imagining commerce.” As the […]