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North Carolina Forges Ahead With Intrastate Crowdfunding

It might have seemed like an April Fool’s Day joke, but, after four years of stop and go efforts, North Carolina’s intrastate crowdfunding law finally went live on April 1st. To date, 33 states and the District of Columbia have adopted local crowdfunding rules. But North Carolina’s law breaks new ground by creating a flexible […]

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What’s a Successful Crowdfunding Exit, Anyway?

Exits. The stuff that crowdfunding investor dreams are made of. Or not? A story we ran recently has prompted us to think more about this topic. It was about the acquisition of Scotty’s Brewhouse, a mini-chain of midwestern brewpubs that is one of the few crowdfunded companies (in this case through Indiana’s intrastate exemption) to […]

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Intrastate Crowdfunding Portal Plugs a Gap for Early Stage Capital in Vermont

Janice Shade was trying to grow her natural products company when she met Louisa Schibli, a blogger who was intrigued by Shade’s attempts to create a community-supported enterprise. The two Vermonters hit it off and vowed to start a company together someday. When the state’s intrastate crowdfunding exemption, the Vermont Small Business Offering Exemption (VSBO), was […]

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Crowdfunding: What’s in Store for 2017?

Year-end predictions are always a dicey game, and that’s especially true as we close out a tumultuous year that turned conventional wisdom (and decorum) on its head. But there’s one thing we can say with a modicum of assurance: crowdfinance will continue to pick up steam in 2017, especially in a deregulatory environment. At Locavesting, […]

VestLo Sees Opportunity for Intrastate Crowdfunding in Illinois

Intrastate crowdfunding is starting to heat up in Illinois. VestLo, the state’s first official intrastate crowdfunding platform, launched its maiden offering earlier this month, with more planned for January. And the founders have been accepted into a Chicago-based incubator, which is leading to new connections and growth opportunities. “Illinois companies are hungry for growth capital […]

The SEC’s New Intrastate Crowdfunding Rules and the Nanny State

On October 26, 2016, the SEC’s three Commissioners convened at their headquarters to adopt new rules intended to modernize what had historically been a little used path of raising capital for startups, early stage businesses and community-based enterprises: the so called intrastate exemption. It had its origins in our federal securities regulation legislation adopted back […]

The SEC Brings Intrastate Offering Rules Into the Modern Era

On October 26, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved final rules amending Rule 147 and creating new Rule 147A. The much needed update brings many beneficial changes for local businesses looking to raise capital within their states, including the ability to advertise across state lines and to conduct multiple offerings without fear of […]

SEC Unanimously Approves Intrastate Crowdfunding Changes

The Securities & Exchange Commission on Wednesday unanimously adopted proposed changes to rules aimed at facilitating intrastate and regional crowdfunding offerings. Most notably, it created a new rule, 147A, that eliminates the ban on general advertising that has stymied intrastate crowdfunding offerings. The existing 147 safe harbor will remain in effect with the advertising restriction, […]

Will Intrastate Crowdfunding Finally be Fixed?

Intrastate crowdfunding is poised to take a giant leap forward next week when the S.E.C give a thumbs up—or down—to important changes proposed to two key exemptions that underlie all state-based crowdfunding activity. The Commission will meet on Wednesday morning to consider whether to adopt rule amendments related to Securities Act Rules 147 and 504 […]

A Vermont Startup Finds Its Crowdfunding Sweet Spot

When Chas Smith was looking to raise money for his Vermont-based maple beverage startup,  he faced a dilemma: build community or raise lots of money fast? That’s a question being asked more and more by entrepreneurs exploring the growing range of investment crowdfunding options. Allowing your customers to invest helps to create an engaged and […]