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Crowdfunding, Guerrilla-Style. Lessons From Jolene’s First Cousin.

When Guerrilla Development opened up crowdfunding for its latest project, a two-building mixed-use development called Jolene’s First Cousin, the team figured there would be strong demand. An earlier project, the Fair-Haired Dumbbell (they have a penchant for quirky names to go along with their iconoclastic buildings), raised $1.5 million from 121 investors in eight months, […]

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Catching Up with Social Pitch Finalist, Design:Shelter

It has been a month and a half since The Social Pitch wrapped up, so we decided to check back in with our finalists. First on the docket: cash prize winner, Design:Shelter with David Bikman. Design:Shelter is a competition that challenges inventors, architects and makers to create designs of tiny homes using upcycled and reclaimed materials. Check out the origin story video that we filmed for David to share for The Social Pitch.


Design: Shelter Video

Click on David to watch the video!


So! How has David been?
 “Things have been moving quickly since the Social Pitch. After the event, I was invited to participate in the Village Coalition, which is composed of residents of the various organized alternative housing villages like Hazelnut Grove, Dignity Village and R2D2, and their allies in government, nonprofits, and the building trades.


The Coalition is devoted to strengthening the existing villages and establishing new ones. It just so happened that a subcommittee of the Village Coalition was in the process of establishing a design conference that would ask local architects to create new designs for “sleeping pods”. This is a type of shelter that is smaller than a tiny house and built to specifications approved already by the City of Portland. I’ve taken on the role of logistics coordinator for the conference and for the building of the pods. We expect that several pods will be built and then displayed publicly during the weekend of December 9. The goal is to generate attractive designs that can be replicated and that capture the imagination of the public, contributing to a broader definition of what “housing” can be. After the public display is completed, the pods will be used as shelter by Portlanders in need.


My collaborators with the pod initiative are excited about my work with upcycling and incorporating an emphasis on using waste materials for future events. Through this project, I’ve also made a great connection with an architect from Mexico who leads a group that builds tiny homes out of waste materials. I’m looking forward to collaborating with him after the pods project has completed. We’re going to go global! I credit my experience with the Social Pitch as launching this entire period of intense activity.


Sleeping pod design

A sketch of a basic design for a sleeping pod. The competition will produce a cutting edge design to replace this basic one.

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