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Georgia, a Crowdfunding Pioneer, Marks Another First for Intrastate Crowdfunding

Georgia, one of the frontrunners of the intrastate crowdfunding movement, has changed its exemption allow for larger offerings. The new cap, which has not yet been publicly announced but went into effect in October, raises the aggregate amount that Georgia-based companies can raise in a year through the Invest Georgia Exemption to $5 million, up […]

Rewards, Intrastate, Equity And Angels. This Startup Has Tried it All.

Crowdfunding is still relatively new, and many entrepreneurs are hesitant to take the plunge—if they are aware of it at all. Not Bohemian Guitars. The Atlanta-based company, which makes a quirky line of guitars and other instruments made from oilcans, has tried just about every form of crowdfunding out there—from rewards-based to intrastate to equity. […]