New Startup Accelerator Seeking Climate Change Ventures

A new accelerator is looking for entrepreneurs fighting climate change. Called Climate Ventures 2.0, it’s run by GoodCompany Ventures, a Philadelphia-based social enterprise accelerator, and will accept 10 startups aimed specifically at addressing climate-related threats to agriculture and the resilience of water systems. Private initiatives have become even more important in recent weeks. As balmy […]

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Minorities Lag in Crowdfunding, Study Says

Women and minority entrepreneurs have long been at a disadvantage when it comes to raising seed and growth capital for their ventures. That’s one reason why there was so much excitement about the JOBS Act. By cutting out the gatekeepers and allowing entrepreneurs to appeal directly to their communities and the general public, investment crowdfunding […]

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Impact Investing Rise Good News for Women and Benefit Corps

Impact investing is expanding, and that is creating new opportunities for social enterprises, including Benefit Corporations, women-led firms and community-based ventures. Those are some of the implications of a recent study conducted by the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF) Foundation. “There are encouraging signs for social entrepreneurs,” says Meg Voorhes, director of research for […]

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Intrastate Crowdfunding Portal Plugs a Gap for Early Stage Capital in Vermont

Janice Shade was trying to grow her natural products company when she met Louisa Schibli, a blogger who was intrigued by Shade’s attempts to create a community-supported enterprise. The two Vermonters hit it off and vowed to start a company together someday. When the state’s intrastate crowdfunding exemption, the Vermont Small Business Offering Exemption (VSBO), was […]

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Living In Waste

 Living In Waste: How Our Trash Can Be Our Treasure with Michael Reynolds

In this episode, Collin Gabriel, longtime fan of Earthships, chats with architect and Earthship founder, Michael Reynolds.

35 years ago, Michael designed a living structure that can harvest its own water, power, food, heat and comfort with most of its building supplies composed of used tires, dirt, and trash. He called it the Earthship. Since then, Michael (he calls himself Mike) and the Earthship have propelled an unbelievable movement in sustainable home design, with students from all over the world descending on Taos, New Mexico, home to Earthship innovation, to learn from a team of experts while living in Earthships.

Naturally, the Earthship has captivated the minds of aspiring builders, architects, sustainability enthusiasts – humans – who are looking for a better, freer, more organic way of living. As Michael says, “The sun is our powerplant in the sky. That’s the point. All we have to do is relate to it.”

Tune in to hear how Michael stumbled across the Earthship concept, how the Earthship works, where they’ve been built, how they fulfill the needs of emergency crises, and how our waste ultimately liberates us.


Collin Gabriel, Channelsmith, Hatch Innovation


Michael Reynolds, Architect, Earthship Biotecture

  • Born in 1945 and graduated from University of Cincinnati in 1969.
  • He is a self-described “guy who’s trying to do some sustainable housing for the future”
  • He believes our consumerist society is destroying our natural resources and ecosystems.
  • And thus called “King of garbage

In this episode you’ll hear about

  • The history of Michael and Earthship Biotecture, and how the Earthship design originated
  • How the Earthship focuses on 6 key principles: Comfort, Water, Natural materials, Food products, Sewage treatment, Electricity
  • Why we don’t need leaders, just roadmaps.
  • How the Earthship Academy is training a growing movement of students across the world.
  • New innovations that have been integrated into the Earthship system
  • How the Earthship design is being adapted for a diverse set of environments, as an answer to a diverse array of natural disasters

Links to Resources Mentioned

Hatch Innovation

Garbage Warrior Documentary

Earthship Biotecture

Earthship Academy

Earthship Island

Earthship Simple Survival app


“The sun is our powerplant in the sky. That’s the point. All we have to do is relate to it.”

“If you can get past the definitions, you could really live your life!”
“We don’t need leaders now. We need pathways, maps. Because people are willing to go. They just need the maps.”

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When it Comes to Funding, This Social Enterprise Gets Creative

Opening a grocery store in a food desert in West Oakland is not easy—just ask Brahm Ahmadi. Despite strong community support, he’s had to get creative to when it comes to funding and building his social enterprise. After several years, he’s finally nearing his goal, having raised money from the community and partnered with a […]

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Can Tax Incentives Jumpstart the JOBS Act?

Investing in local businesses, rather than in publicly traded corporations, is an idea generating interest globally. But until recently, that was hard to do in the U.S., thanks to federal and state laws that have impeded such investments by average citizens. The JOBS Act, passed in 2012 and fully implemented last May, has lowered many […]

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A Progressive Investor’s Action Guide for the Next Administration

Concerned about the direction of the country? Make your voice—and money—heard, argues financial advisor James Frazier in this guest post.  Now that the 2016 presidential election is in the history books, the rough outlines of the next few years are starting to become a little clearer. We can reasonably expect a federal government with less […]

5 Tips for a Successful Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign

Thinking of raising money through crowdfunding? Since the rules for Regulation Crowdfunding went into effect last May, 186 entrepreneurs have launched campaigns, attracting a total of $19 million in investment by year end. Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA) recently crunched the numbers to come up with some insights about what makes a successful campaign. Here are […]

Slow and Steady Does it for Regulation Crowdfunding

It wasn’t quite the fireworks that some had hoped for, but Regulation Crowdfunding closed the year with a respectable showing.  In 2016, 186 companies launched Reg CF campaigns, attracting $19 million in capital commitments, according to year-end data compiled by Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA). Investor interest and investment have increased steadily since the law went […]