Hatch Oregon Accelerator

Are you ready to raise capital for your business?

The Hatch Oregon Accelerator prepares Oregon entrepreneurs running companies with fewer than 50 employees to raise startup or growth capital from ordinary Oregonians using the new Community Public Offering (CPO) law we pioneered. We are the state experts in its use, and our accelerator is unique in the country.

This program is for early stage and small businesses who are prepared to raise funds from their community. This is not a business development accelerator. If your business plan still requires development, please visit your local SBDC.



In our 8-session program, participants learn to…

Be Ready to Fundraise

  • Build systems of support
  • Ensure team readiness for the time commitment
  • Plan for multiple scenarios, contingencies
  • Build key partnerships
  • Engage trusted allies
  • Stabilize business
  • Ensure sufficient runway

Communicate and Sell

  • Raise the crowd before beginning to fundraise
  • Remain compliant online and offline in advertising
  • Write for your audience
  • Use online communications
  • Prepare successful pitches
  • Plan events
  • Stay connected with investors

Write a CPO Prospectus

  • Understand securities
  • Plan for debt or equity
  • Develop offering terms
  • Write benefits and risks
  • Remain within the law
  • File with the state
  • Create trust account
  • Gather and store required documentation
  • Report to investors


  • Workshops take place on weekly basis over the course of 8-9 weeks.


Program Fees


The cost of participating in the accelerator program is $3000. Alternatively, we offer a payment plan of $300/month for one year. This does not include the state filing fee to use the Oregon Intrastate Offering exemption ($200), or fees for setting up a trust account (variable).

After completing the accelerator, if you qualify to be listed on HatchOregon.com, the platform listing is $50/mo. Credit card processing fees are 2.9% + 30c per investment (via Stripe). Hatch Oregon does not take a percentage of investments, or charge a success fee.


How to Apply

Step 1

Intro to the CPOTake our ‘Intro to the CPO’. This is crucial to understand if your business can (or should) use a CPO to raise capital and is a prerequisite to the accelerator. You can take this online workshop at your earliest convenience.

Download our Checklist


Step 2

Gather your materials. Your business must be fully planned or in operation to participate in the Hatch Oregon Accelerator. We will ask you to submit your business plan, social media URL’s, and basic information about your business and experience.

Our Business Plan Template is a helpful precursor to preparing your prospectus. During the accelerator, we will ask you to reformat your business plan with this template, feel free to get a head start!


Step 3

Apply! On our application form, you’ll be asked to answer some questions to indicate your readiness—we don’t want to waste your time, and space is limited. You will also need to upload your new, restructured, business plan. If accepted, you’ll be notified and sent a welcome email with payment information.